La Bomba de Tiempo

A dream team of great percussionists improvises on stage while the audience’s energy sets the atmosphere! A unique experience that has already been lived by more than 3 million people. “La Bomba de Tiempo” is a percussion ensamble that practises improvisation with signs. Every show is unique and unrepeatable because its music is generated live on stage trough the dialogue between musicians and director, who leads the improvisation using a code of more than 70 signs made with the hands. Every performance becomes a magical time when percussionists on stage interact with the audience while this one brings its energy, dancing and listening. It all creates a true ritual of rhythm and percussion. More than 3 million people have already danced to the rhythm of this phenomenon that revolutioned the percussion scene in the city of Buenos Aires. The band has been on tour since 2006 all around Argentina and abroad.